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Monday, April 7, 2014

Seven Semi-Secret Life Hacks to Help You Manage Being “The Other Woman”

YOU are that other woman. Yes, you. You watch the “real” wife, the “real” mother, the “real” woman, totally and completely betrothed to her husband, her family, her gender-designated roles. That is her life, and she embraces it; she thrives in it in the radiant full light of day. You have stolen moments, stolen nights and weekends—you love in the shadows of the night.

Working in the home is unequivocally and undoubtedly a full time job (or ten). However, with the rise of the “mommy wars” the role of the “other woman,” (ie: the working professional) is oftentimes cast as the “mistress.” The “other woman” is made to feel guilty, or “less than.” But the aspersions of the “other woman” could not be further than the truth, because in some ways, the “other woman” is actually a superwoman. She inevitably lives her life juggling at least two (or more) full times jobs—that of a spouse, mother, and homemaker and that of a working professional. That’s some superhero Work It, Gal action right there.

I met a Work It, Gal the other day, and in a fit of frustration—a near total meltdown actually—she spilled out her schedule to me:

She woke up every morning at the crack of dawn, ran several miles, made breakfast, packed a lunch, and then commuted in horrendous Los Angeles traffic to her office. She then worked an eight hour day or more, then rushed from the office to run errands before heading home to make dinner, clean the house, walk the dog, and sometimes even do laundry and vacuum. All while trying to spend time with her family and catch up on the volley of emails that flooded her inbox. She fell into bed in the wee hours of the morning …only to wake up and do the same thing all over again.

I could see why she was in near melt-down mode! Holy cow girl! But her to-do list wasn’t all that out of the ordinary for the “woman” who’s trying to do it all. After zen-like ooohhh, aaaaahhh breathing for both of us, I thought of seven life hacks to help manage being the “other woman.” Knock yourself out, read the list, and hopefully you’ll find these hacks helpful—whatever type of woman you are.

Seven Life Hacks To Help You Manage Being “The Other Woman.”

1.       Hire a cleaner for the major stuff. If you’re not in the top 1%, hiring a professional cleaner might not always be feasible—instead, gofor Groupon deals, hire the pre-teens in your neighborhood, or have your kids and partner chip in. This is a team effort people!

2.       Do massive amounts of laundry right before the  ”cleaner” comes, so the cleaner can put away the clothes. Talk about a two for one deal!

3.       Incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Use apps like Map My Run and My Fitness Pal. Along with telling your how many calories you’ve burned or consumed, the app gives you the added bonus of a weight loss predictor. Incentive anyone?

4.       Resort to online grocery shopping. Two words: home delivery. ‘Nuff said. Keep a running list of items you might need on your phone. Add and delete as you go along, so you’re ready when its time to shop.

5.       Make a weekly menu, and prep all the food on the weekend. This pre-planned menu allows you to pop things out of the fridge or freezer, and right on into the microwave, oven, or crockpot. Make this a teamwork deal.

6.       Institute a family “to do” list. This household “to do” list implements a “WE” are helping “US” mentality, as opposed to an “I’ am helping “YOU” mentality. Besides, how annoying is it to constantly be “reminding” everyone to do things that need to get done? Now you don’t have to.

7.       Make a Realistic Personal To Do List and Get ‘Er Done. Make a goal. A fun and efficient one is to find six things to do each day, two small, two medium, and two large. Then knock ‘em out.

And of course, keep workin' it gal.  

Signing off,

Work It Gal