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Monday, December 9, 2013

Top Five Places to Do Yoga in Los Angeles

1.       Bryan Kest Power Yoga Studios- My favorite combination includes breathe work, chanting, incense, mood lighting, heat, crazy intense flows and poses where you’re literally dripping sweat from every pore, and random musical instruments being played by an instructor, but not every class is like that. http://www.poweryoga.com

2.       Yogis Anonymous- this is more of a restorative yoga class, where the physical exercise is not as strenuous, but the mental rewards are just as great. http://www.yogisanonymous.com/

3.       The Hub: Urban Sanctuary for Body and Soul- this is a combination of both Bryan Kest Power Yoga and Yogis Anonymous—not quite as grueling as Bryan Kest, not quite as relaxing as Yogis Anonymous. http://www.thehub-la.com/

4.       The Yoga Place- The Yoga Place is on par with Mind Body Meditation, except the class is wrapped up in 60 minutes instead of 90. This is perfect if you have a super busy schedule. The counter argument is that Bryan Kest had classes that started as early as 6 in the morning and as late as 10 at night, so you could fit in a long session either before or after your super busy day. Unfortunately, Bryan Kest doesn’t have as many early morning and late night classes anymore so for shorter sessions, The Yoga Place it is! http://www.theyogaplacela.com/

5.       YAZ—Yoga for Athletes- This yoga studio is not really my type, but if you’re not into chanting and meditation, but solely want to do yoga for the killer work-out, I recommend YAZ. It incorporates weights with a yoga practice that could be on par with the Biggest Loser, complete with loud music and an instructor screaming at you to do just one more set. http://go2yas.com/

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