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Friday, December 20, 2013

Number One Tip To Feeling Good For The Holidays #feelgood

So today's post is going to be quick and dirty because I know we're all looking forward to the holiday and all the awesomeness that entails. But let's not forget that we're "Work It Girls" and we're all about the "look good," "feel good," "do good" while juggling our crazy life schedules. And if there's one feel good tip I could give to anyone--"Work It Girl" or not-- it's this: surround yourself with people who love you.

There's no surer way to feel good than to be surrounded by love. Of course this might seek like a "duh" suggestion, but so many times we rely solely on ourselves to make it work as a "Work It Girl." And while it's true that the only true happiness you can attain comes within, it doesn't hurt to have your biggest champions by your side as you strut your stuff on life's runway. Those champions can be your friends, your family, your significant others, your friends who feel like family, or your God (in whatever shape or form that might come in.)

As my week pretty much imploded on itself I was reminded of that simple fact--step back, breathe deep, and remember that you are loved. As we head into this holiday season, in addition to remembering the "Reason for the Season," let's remember those who love us, those we love, and keep heaping on the feel good feeling.

Finally, thank you. Thank you to my life champions who remind me to rock it every day. You know who you are. And thank you to my readers--the number of you exceeded my expectations. Happy holidays as you give love, receive love, and bask in that feel good feeling.

Signing off, 

Work It Girl

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