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Every working woman--whether working in the home or in the office-- strives to find that perfect balance. Join the conversation as we dive into what it means to look good, feel good, and do good as we strive towards an overall balanced life. And more than anything, don't forget to work it, gal!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be Thankful + Write It Down = Feel Good.
When you write, you write with passion. When you live, you live with purpose.
Reverse and apply.

When I was younger, I felt it, I lived it—this passion and purpose behind living and writing. There are some things in life, like these, that you believe so intensely that you breathe them; you sleep them—and when you sleep you dream…and hope that one day these dreams may come.

Looking back to when I wrote this sentence years ago, as the Introduction to my Honors Thesis, I see the vigor and vitality behind my words. At a young age, it seemed like I had found the key to “feeling good”—write with passion and purpose, live with purpose and passion.

The idea was that if you want to “feel good,” about your life—Write. It. Down.

Well, what is “it?” “It” can be as simple as writing down all the things in life that you have to be grateful for, and what do you know?—it’s Thanksgiving! It’s the time of the year where we take a little time out of our month, our week, our day to show our thanks, to share a meal, to count our blessing. And in the last few months, I’ve read countless articles about feeling happy, feeling productive, feeling “good’ and the overall theme is that people are happier, more accomplished, and more at peace, when they take a moment to write it down, create a list, and have something tangible to hold on to.


And while it’s important to look back and be thankful for what we have, it’s equally important I think, to write down what we want for our life. Make a plan. Have a purpose when you write this plan down, and then do it—throw yourself into it passionately. Thus the concept— write with purpose; live with passion.

Although I seemed to have the key for feeling good a few years back, it doesn’t mean I was always that great at following my own advice.

After law school, I hit the job market at a time when job prospects were terrible. I mean, seriously dismal. I applied for jobs constantly, did some legal volunteering, and took up blogging a piece called The Barred Barrister. Lo and behold, my blog landed me a six month contract with a law firm. After my contract ended, I decided I needed to make a plan for myself, write it down, and then find a way to accomplish that plan.

My plan was pretty simple:

1.       Get a high paying legal job. Any job.
2.       Finally feel like a grown up and get my own apartment in LA. (Where the cost of living is an arm, a leg, a kidney and perhaps a liver).
3.       Get a new car.

I got organized. I set out a few hours each day to put time towards each of my goals. Job applications, networking, phone calls, house hunting, and car shopping. Within six weeks, I got almost everything I thought wanted.  

A few things I forgot to add to the list were:

Be happy.
Be true.
Be strong.

The world is not always a nice place—especially when you’re trying to “work it.” And along the way, even you might forget what you’re really “working it” for. Is it the extra cash flow? The nice new car? The swanky new pad? Or is it for those altruistic dreams you set yourself up to believe in years ago?

After some introspection, I rearranged my list into something even simpler than before:
1.       Be happy.
2.       Be true.
3.       Be strong.

These were some pretty amorphous goals, and almost every “feel good” guru on the internet says that in order to accomplish future goals, be specific—so keeping my overall objective in mind, I solidified my amorphous goals into something more tangible.  My new and improved list is pretty hefty, so I won’t share it here, but I will share what I learned along the way, which is:

1.       Write it down.

2.       Be passionate about “it”—your life, your dreams, you goals—whatever “it” is.

3.       Be true to who you are. (This in turn results in you being happier, and stronger as a person).

4.       Make the time to make it happen.

5.       Don’t say “if,” say “when.”

6.       Set realistic goals.

7.       Take it on, one at a time, one day at a time

8.       Almost everything is realistic if you follow the advice in number seven.

9.      If you fall down, get back up; fall down, get back up; fall down, get back up—repeat, repeat, repeat.

10.   Repeat one through nine as needed.

Life might not come in perfect order. You might end up accomplishing some of your goals sooner than expected, and some later.  But if you live your life with passion, you live with purpose. And always, always, write with both—even if it’s just your “feel good” to do list for you.  

So as we head into Thanksgiving, be thankful, be happy, be true. And as the New Year approaches, plan your New Year’s resolutions. Write it down. Write it with a purpose. Live it with a passion. Reverse and apply. Repeat as needed.

And of course—feel good.

Signing off,

Work It Girl

(Happy Thanksgiving!)

Monday, November 25, 2013

"When You Look Good, You Feeeeel Good!"

My mom always says, “When you look good, you feeeeel good!” in her musical west-African accent, her smashing red-wine lips a stark contrast to her warm caramel skin. That’s my mom for you—on any given occasion, even when she's just relaxing at home, you can find her in all her glorified beauty, clear skin, red lips, hair done, and match-y outfit.

Fast forward to law school finals years later, and as I’m sitting in my law school atrium, a classmate strolls into the area, dressed to the nines in dress slacks, collared shirt and tie. “You fancy, huh?” –my thoughts. His response—“Look good, do good” referring to the test where our academic careers hung in the balance.

Thus evolved my mantra: “Look good, feel good, do good.” And above all else, do YOU. What does all this mean? You work it, like the runway model that’s scored the starring role in your life’s runway, you sway your hips side to side, your head thrown back, like you own the stage of your life. Confident that you are looking the best YOU can, feeling the best YOU can, and doing the best YOU can.

That doesn’t mean working it will be easy—sometimes it’s a hustle, a bustle, a climb, a scramble, and a clawing your way to success, despite the tumbles, the pitfalls, the setbacks and the stumbles. And working it doesn’t just mean working it in your work life—for almost every woman, (and man) it means working it in all aspects of life—work, home, personal, physical, emotional and spiritual.

So let’s work it ladies. After all, we landed the starring role in our lives—might as well live it to the fullest. And pop in to Work It Gal, where we’ll focus on my three thoughts to live by, “Look good, feel good, do good." And above all, be you.

Signing off,

Work It Girl